Be the change that  you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

After growing up in the USA and France, I have been living in Germany since 1982 and spend two months a year in South Africa. I am married to a protestant theologian and have three adult sons.

I first read „Memories, Dreams, Reflections“ by Aniela Jaffe on C. G. Jung at age 16, and knew that I wanted to work as a psychotherapist. And after several detours, I have ended up practicing sandplay therapy, a method based on the analytical psychology of C. G. Jung.

My training led me from a Masters in clinical psychology from Antioch University in San Francisco through family systems therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to sandplay.

My path as a psychotherapist has gone from a psychiatric and a psychosomatic hospital as well as a family counseling center to private practice. I have given up a national insurance practice because of a move to Munich, where I now have a private practice near the English Garden.


– M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in San Francisco, California, 1986.

– Internships in a house for victims of domestic violence, job counseling and drug counseling.

– Employment in a psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents, a psychosomatic hospital and a family counseling center for one year each.

– Private practice with adults with varying specializations since 1990, currently in Munich, Germany and Stellenbosch, South Africa. Approbation in Bavaria 1999 and insurance number from 1999 to 2012 in Coburg, Germany.

– Therapeutic training after the Masters in systems therapy, behavioral therapy and sandplay therapy.

– Teaching Member of the German and International Societies for Sandplay Therapy (DGST / ISST) since 2007.

– Accredited teacher, supervisor and personal process therapist of the Bavarian State Chamber of Psychological Psychotherapists since 2010.

– further qualifications include in my eyes being a married mother of three adult children and having lived in several cultures.

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